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6 Easy Tips to Add Texture to Your Home Design

Think about a space where you feel at peace, comfortable, and safe. See what’s on the walls there, feel the floor under your feet, look at the ceiling. Our favorite spaces are ones with layers, with a texture that creates visual interest, and spaces we can touch and feel connected to. Balance your design by adding layers that work together, and over time your house will feel more like your true home. Turn your home into your own oasis by adding texture with these six easy tips.

     1. Spice up a Room with Textiles

Throw pillows, curtains, bedding, and tablecloths are all great places to start adding texture to the design of your home. Add a pop of color and start layering your linens for a comfy space you’ll never want to leave.

     2. Add Texture with Rugs

The right rug completes a room like nothing else can. Check out these texture options for an area rug that adds an extra layer of comfort to your family room, or any room in the house:

  • Hand-Knotted or Tufted Wool
  • Shag (when done right, this is a texture you can’t miss)
  • Handwoven Flatweaves, Kilims or Dhurries
  • Natural or Synthetic Rugs with Pattern or Design
  • Grass-like Natural Fiber Rugs

     3. Plants add Natural Texture

Bring the natural textures of the outdoors into your home with an indoor garden, or add some accent plants to each room. Add a floral centerpiece to your coffee table, or surround your doorframe in green trees. Be sure to choose plants that you can take care of, or even opt for fake plants for a maintenance-free way to feel connected with the outside world.

     4. Carefully Select Vintage Furniture Pieces

A beautifully crafted piece of vintage furniture can tie a room together. Velvet chairs, antique tables,  or even family heirlooms are pieces that stand out in your home and can be built on with more layers. When searching for the perfect accent piece, think about the color scheme and theme of your home, and how this piece of furniture can tie it all together.

     5. Showcase Your Book Collection

Stop stuffing your book collection off in some unseen corner of your house, and bring them out into the open with a unique bookcase. Building a bookcase directly into the wall adds warmth and texture to the room, without burning a hole in your home redesign budget. Also, think about displaying coffee-table and art books, on a cocktail, console or end table for all to see.

     6. Ceilings, Walls, and Floors, Textures Galore

Don’t forget the ceilings, walls, and floors when adding texture to your home. Think of wall coverings, vaulted ceilings, and beautiful hardwood floors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to mixing and matching flooring and walls for a complete textured look.