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4 Reasons you Need to Hire an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer for your home’s redesign or remodeling projects is an investment; but, it’s  one that is very worthwhile. It affords you the opportunity to add value to your home, have the added security of knowing licensed professionals are working on your home, save time, and in the long run, a considerable amount of money.

Add Value to Your Home

Everyone wants to increase the value of their home, and interior designers focus on adding lasting appeal that drives added value to your home long into the future. Interior designers are experts at enhancing spaces, making them more functional, safe and appealing. They are trained in selecting proper materials and finishes and in mixing colors and textures in perfect harmony. An interior designer is a key that unlocks solutions to design problems in your home. Fixing these issues and using their suggestions will maximize both your investment and your living space. What better value could there be?

Vet your Carpenters, Electricians, and Plumbers

When you hire a professional for interior design services, you gain access to other skilled professionals by way of referral. Interior designers recommend the best trades people your money can buy, potentially saving you from mistakes and a massive headache. Designers can refer you to professionals whose work is trusted and is within your budget.

Save Time

Time is money, and the same is true when it comes to remodeling your home. An interior designer can sift field all of your project’s correspondence — phone calls, texts, emails, etc. — coordinating with architects, builders, trades, vendors, and manufacturers to act as your liaison. Designers have spent thousands of hours practicing and perfecting their craft, allowing them to do things in 10 minutes that may take you 10 hours and resulting in unnecessary sleepless nights.

Save Money – You Read That Right!

Working with interior designers can help you get your investment back, and then some. Whether you’re hiring a designer for a small furnishings update, enhancements to your home décor or embarking on an intricate remodeling project, your wallet will thank you when you hire an interior designer.

Here are just a few ways you can save:

  • Eliminate impulse buys and risk buyer’s remorse by letting your designer specify all of your selections.
  • Avoid unnecessary corrections and reworking by letting a professional guide your process and improve your end result.
  • Select appropriate, high quality materials that stand the test of time.
  • Employ trusted trades to complete the necessary work.
  • Create timeless spaces and provide design solutions that are customized to best suit your personal needs.