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Guest Room Design Ideas

Fall is officially here, which means time to start thinking about the holidays! We will all have turkey recipes and holiday gifts on the brain but what better way to enhance your family gatherings than to prepare your guest room. Here are some guest room design ideas to consider.

Make Your Guests Feel at Home

What does the room need to make your guests feel at home? Fresh sheets, towels and pillows are a good start. If you want to go the extra mile, invest in quality bedding. Typically, sheets with a higher thread count are softer and more durable. Look for a thread count that exceeds 200. You can also provide an assortment of pillow types to cater to any preferences or allergies.

Where will your guests put their clothes?

Where will visitors put their clothes? Allow your guests to unpack and make themselves feel at home! Rifling through a suitcase for days can make the room messy and uncomfortable. Having a dresser, if space allows, is a nice touch. Or empty that spare closet that you’ve been using for storage and provide ample hangers. If all else fails, provide your guests an attractive luggage rack you can fold and tuck away when not in use.


Next on the list is temperature. Since our guest rooms can be vacant much of the time, we can forget to check if the room is temperate. Before your guests arrive, check to see if the air or heat need to be adjusted, depending on your climate. Do you need a fan or space heater? Consider an area rug if your flooring is cold underfoot. Filling a floor basket with rolled up throw blankets is always a practical yet attractive room addition. We want our guests to be comfortable and not have to ask for adjustments.

Comfortable & Peaceful

Your goal for your guest room is to make it comfortable and peaceful. No need to go overboard on decorating. The less clutter, the better. If you have the space, a lounge chair, bench or accent stool can provide guests a place to sit other than the bed.

Special Welcome

Finally, add a special welcoming touch. Flowers are lovely, bottles of water, lotions, magazines, candles and even a fragrant room spray or diffuser can make your guests feel well received.

Guest Room Design Ideas

Make your holidays stress free this season by getting a head start on the small details for your guest room. Being prepared will give you more time to relax and enjoy your time with family and friends. We hope these guest room design ideas helped your holiday planning.

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